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Plato's Hell

Young And Invincible

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September 25th, 2017

So when they arrive at stereotypical creepy house, it’s easy to find the wee trail of blood leading to a bookcase. Behind the bookcase are some stairs that lead to the dungeon below.

First room has a pedestal, with a flower on it, and 5 doors, 2 on each side, and one at the end, which has 4 locks. The arrow points to the room you just came through, and the petal made of white glass, fall and shatters on the floor. Approach it, and it the arrow spins, pointing to the room just to the left of where you came in.

This room is a puzzle room, with a table and bookcases filled with mysteriously blank books. Years ago Finnula wrote Emmett a polite brush-off letter in response to his advances, but it’s been torn up. Using the words provided, you could make 2 versions – the one Finnula wrote, or the one Emmett wants to read. Writing his letter will cause a book to fall from the shelf, and reveal the key.

The petal nearest the room you came out of shatters, and the arrow spins to the door opposite the book room. There are two thrones inside, with an flower-golem perched on each. The Emmett-Golem has a key where his heart should be, but getting closer to either will cause the Finnnula-Golem to try and beat you to death. She packs a punch. Drax levitates the key out of Emmett-Golem's chest, and you quickly flee the room.

Same deal with the flower petals, pointing to the room with the mirror. The room is lined with mirrors, reflecting scenes from Finnula’s life, a smile, taking a bath, at a ball, culminating in a huge one behind a black curtain on the far wall, featuring Finnula feeding her baby. It’s live. They look for a memory that is out of place, not a happy moment. They find one with of a violent altercation between her and her husband, and smash it. They're persecuted by shards of broken glass. Then they find one with a lock in it, Finnula smiling while looking through a jewellery case. Behind that one is an alcove, with a key in it.

The room with the heart is next. It’s simple enough, do enough damage, the heart dies, and you can get another key falling from the ceiling. However, it’s Emmett’s heart, and remembers every cold word said to him. Good news – it’s willing to share them. Bad news – they affect you in quite a tangible way. Anything that made Emmett feel small, gets repeated and reduces your height. Someone made him feel ugly? Guess who gets pus-filled boils! Destroy the heart, and remove your various ailments.

They’ve got all 4 keys now, and can unlock the door, into that weird room with the rug. Don’t step on the rug. It’s a trap, but the real trick is the writing which appears on the door. Backwards it’s a love poem, so you must go back through the door. Sorry about the 5 foot drop into darkness. The next door you have to kiss (ewww) to get through to the next room. This room has a bed and fine silk sheets. Once again, there’s 3 doors other than the one you came through, one with 2 locks. Bodie sits on the bed, and becomes rather amorous. This is directed at Drax, and many lewd comments are sent his way, till Gre drags him off the bed.

The first room to the right opens you up to a dream version of Emmett’s future. There’s a lovely boy who runs up to you crying “daddy!”, and Finnula waiting with love for you to come home. She’s made a nice meal, and you need a will save to want to disbelieve it. Everyone makes it but Dom, who takes a few rounds to break out. But when he does (Finnula will insist she’s real, and cry and such), the illusion will break, and it’s actually a dungeon, complete with shackles. There’s a key on the hook on the wall.

The next room, with the two ghosts, has two graves, one for Emmett, and one for Finnula. The epitaph says how wonderful they were and how much she loved him. Start digging to engage the ghosts, which are placated by Dom's excellent bluff. He pretends to be Emmett JR, and they give him the key to their home. They hold hands, and go to the bed of unnatural horniness, and begin to bang.

Through the 2-lock door, you find Henley in a cage, made of 2 portcullis spanning the width of the corridor. He warns you not to step on a pressure plate in the floor. He's been trapped in here since he fwooshed ahead of the party, and really needs to wee. You stand on the pressure plate, letting down the second portcullis, and after some searching, he finds a button at the far end of the room, lowering the first one. You proceed into the little underground bedsit where Emmett is holed up. Henley lurks outside the door, not sure of what side to cast his vote on.

Dom gets right up in there with some very angry lines of questioning, which distract Emmett from his big-bad fuckoff spell. He eventually tires of being interrogated, and opens hostilities with a mindstab. Gre and Bodie then beat him to death. Once the wizard is dead, Henley jumps in and casts fireball, claiming he's helping.

Ememtt's body and persona effects are rescued from the inferno, and taken back to the capital. His corpse is cut into multiple pieces, and buried in different parts of the realm.

Henley begins his punishment with helping the guild locate and destroy all of Emmett's bunkers. He has a long road to redemption.

Finnula tells her husband to fuck off. She eventually remarries, and has 2 other children, both white. She settles in Dunthorpe with her new family.

Hilde persecutes Damien for spousal abuse. When he is released from prison in 10 years, he can only find work as a lowly captain of the guards.

September 20th, 2017

You get to where Kendra thinks the children have been held. The children have been moved from where they were, but quickly. Spot check d15 to see a rune painted hastily on the ground. Anyone who passes gets a +2 on their reflex save as one of the other team members steps on it.

With a much reduced force, you continue. Galen thinks that they would be taken to the top of the tree, the most fortified part, it's also most likely to be where Emmett and Henley are. You move up through the castle, hearing sounds of fighting outside the windows. At one point, roll sneak to hide from a group of guards on their way to the fight. At another point, roll a reflex save to dodge a thick tree branch that smashes it's way through the wall, collapsing the floor beneath you.

You get into epic battle with a set of guards, culminating in Kendra pushing over a statue triumphantly. You eventually reach the door, and a group of Jinn come around the corner. They look surprised to see you there, and don't move to attack but stand with their weapons drawn, glancing towards the door. It turns out that their children have also been taken hostage, and they want to reclaim them, and leave for their own world.

Enter the door, is a makeshift dormitory, full of lillend and Jinn children, including a young girl who runs straight at Kendra and Galen. Bayet is not there. One little Jinn boy stops and stares at Finnula, and his father translates that there was one like her but a baby. Sometimes the baby spent time in the nursery with them, but Mr H took her away when the scary noises started. The kids are mostly ready to go, and you all get organised. The Jinn peel off with their offspring.

Finnula wants you to help Kendra and Gaelen get the lillend children to safety. Wherever you go you're always 2 steps behind Bayet. You reassure her that they will be fine, and all go up the tree to Emmett's room. He is awaiting Henley and Bayet, who haven't arrived yet. Once he sees you, he dodges towards the waiting portal, but Drax quickly throws a Dispel Magic into it, causing Epic Explosion. You fall back down the stairs, and find Emmett's shoe, complete with severed toe.

Dom uses akashic memory to find Henley's room. He's packed up to go bush, including a set of nappies/bottles. You go down the magic slide, through the kitchen, and then into the sewers. You proceed through the sewers, and then off in the direction of the rebel base camp.

You make camp, and during the night Gre hears someone moving through the forest. He and Drax take pursuit, and eventually catch Henley and Bayet. Via a log straight to the baby. She's fine, and mother and baby are reunited. It's great. Henley's lackey instincts catch hold, and he's happy to tell you whatever you want to know and cooperate as much as possible. He had started to disagree with Emmett's methods, and having formed an attachment to Bayet, wanted to take her back to her mother. They were heading to a sacred grove, where Henley would be able to cast a portal to take them back to Birchwood.

It is also in this grove where he can reverse the curses placed on Tarth and Birchwood. Emmett created the curses to work in tandem with the black-gem, blood, and map devices that you found and destroyed in his Willard's Creek den. There was also one for Tarth in his tower, but ya'll destroyed that via portal explosion. Emmett's purpose was to subjugate the people via hunger, so that they would be more willing to do his bidding in exchange for food. Also he's a bit of a shit.

The next morning, you enter the base camp with your hostage. They are very pleased to see you. Henley describes his portal-casting ritual to the witches, who nod in agreement. You're celebrated, and everyone is drunk. Bodie teaches the lillends how to play blackjack, and wins some of their money. You set off to the sacred grove, accompanied by the witches, cos it's on their way home.

After an intensely mentally disturbing ritual, Henley says the curses on Tarth and Birchwood are removed. You are all relieved, especially since he can now put his clothes back on. After a much less scrotum-filled ritual, the glowing portal appears. You farewell the witches, and Gre marches Henley through first. You find yourselves in Emmett's cave in the mountains.

You make your way through his laboratory, stopping to get some pieces of the map/black-gem device, and leave the Willard's Creek house. There you see a familiar face! It is Merlyn! She is very happy to see you. In the 6 months you have been gone, she's recovered from the poison, and the land is starting to recover too. There is about half a year's new growth on the ground, and everyone is quite happy.

You all sit down and discuss what to do next. Bayet and Finnula will remain in Dunthorpe, as it is felt the baby has been through quite enough, thank you. After some discussion about Emmett's various lairs, you settle on Meadow Stream in Frell as a place he could be holed up. It is one of the few other places Henley can cast a portal to, so after resupplying, you will pop on over.

September 11th, 2017

The witches catch up with you, and engage in a ceremonial burning of the grove in the early evening. It's decided to pitch camp. Finnula and Tabitha can stay with the witches if they like, but the menfolk must go a distance of at least half an hour before setting up their own camp.

4th watch is attacked by a party of 5 jinn, who are drawn by the smoke of the burning trees – 1 is captured, 4 are killed with much damage to your party. The captured jinn is questioned by Z'Drax. The Jinn is a reverent follower of The Uncle, who lives in a mighty tree-castle in the lillend capital. The Jinn aren't native to this land, and are brought here to train the lillends for war, and eventually they will invade the Birchwood, a land of great bounty.

4th day you encounter a barracks. Dom goes to investigate, and alerts a sentry to their presence. You loose the pursuers, and make it back to the Witches, who decide to take out the outpost, and liberate the provisions within. You're stationed by the front gate to round up any escapees.

You hear howls

You hear rustling

You hear things falling

You hear terrified screams

A Jinn rushes out of the barracks, and assuming Z'Drax to be one of his kind, shouts something about witches, and tries to drag him into the forest. He is rendered unconscious. As you listen to screams, lighting, and other strange noises, watching the barracks burn, you accumulate a pile of 4 jinn prisoners.

The witches emerge from the front gate with their bounty. They were not expecting prisoners. In the end they construct a small shelter, to which the prisoners are tied with enough food and water to last them till their re-enforcers come. Dom is instructed to write a note “the rebellion has begun”. The witches melt into the forest.

Your journey takes you a few days, as the witches distribute their appropriated goods amongst the villages you pass. You make it to the meeting point with the rebel army. Everyone is in awe of you procuring the witches to fight on your side, and you are hailed as heroes.

You're given to Kendra and Gaelen, who will be leading the force into the castle itself. With them are about 4 sneaky types, and 4 hardened looking warriors. You're asked what your skills are, scouting, or fighting. If you say sneaking, you're given a hat made out of a really soft fuzzy leaf, which gives you a +2 to your sneak rolls. If you say fighting, you're given 2 of the finest health potions they have, each of which will heal 1d10+10hp.

The broad battle plan is explained to you, using many diagrams, and then your part in the battle itself is explained. You're planning on gaining entrance to the castle via a secret passage Kendra doesn't think they know about yet – a false grave in a mausoleum. She thinks it's been overlooked because it leads to a back servants stair, rather to a cellar, or a main hall. But it ends up in higher branches of the west tree, which at her last reconnaissance (admittedly a year ago), was where the children were being kept. She spoke to her sister, saying that if there was any fighting outside, she was to quietly get the children ready to leave, but isn't sure if she'll remember.

That night you join in the pre-battle revelry. A female lillend hits on Dom, who directs her to Steveo, one of your band. The next day, you all receive blessing from the witches, and a warriors amulet. On the way to the graveyard, you encounter 2 guards, but Gaelen quiets them with his spiritual presence, and tells them to go away.

Your little band waits in the graveyard for the key point in the battle, when the invading force (main army of lillends + witches if you've done it) have broke into the palace walls. You sneak through the castle, and encounter 2 lillend and 1 jinn, guarding the foot of a staircase. They are fanatical in their belief about The Uncle, and the goodness of the promised Birchwood. You kill them and progress up the stairs.

September 5th, 2017

OK So the witches (key witch is named Pelopenisia) have said they want you to run the gauntlet. They explain that the gauntlet is a series of tests that those who wish to join the order have to pass. Normally they're given to women who have been with them a while, and have had time to heal from their wounds. She asks you if you would like to exclude Finnula from the gauntlet, because of her past. Drax says that is probably a good idea, but Dom says we should ask Finnula and respect her wishes. Pelopenisia warns you if more than 2 men fail the gauntlet, you will all fail. You're allowed to spend the evening totally not being tested. Not at all. No.

Dom goes to the library, Bodie helps out in the garden, Gre helps with some heavy lifting, and Drax meditates in his room. Your animals are stabled in a secure pen.

It's explained that the gauntlet will begin when you wake up, so an early nights rest is recommended. You wake up in a tree. Lots of balance checks, jump checks, grabbing checks, etc., as you are gently tossed through the jungle, seeing many wondrous things. Eventually you are deposited at some random challenges -

Bodie entertains some younger lillends with funny stories of penises, and then blesses a well.

Dom tends to a wounded elk-like creature, and then teaches a group of hungry refugees a improve game

Drax makes a burn salve out of forest ingredients, then awards a medal for bravery to a villager

Gre helps a lost child fine her way home, and takes care of a very ill man

Dom and Bodie met up with Finnula, and together they help a TreeDog deliver 2 healthy pups.

Gre and Drax officiate at a naming ceremony.

You're taken to a clearing, surrounded by witches in red robes. They chant at you, and Pelopenisia explains that you cannot lie within this circle. The chanters close in on each of you one at a time, and you are asked a probing personal question. Drax declines to answer one.

Finnula, Bodie, Dom, and Gre are asked to stand still, and are carried on vines up into the trees to a small cave woven out of tree branches. In the cave is a witch looking into a carved wooden bowl, filled with a golden thick liquid. Pelopenisia explains that very few people are allowed to become associates of the witches. They are a closed society. She draws one scroll out of a chubby in the wall and unfurls it on a table. It's covered in bloody thumb-prints, some that look like they could be hundreds of years old., and the paper is crumbling around the edges. The witch who has been scrying in the bowl looks up. Her name is Helena, and she has been assessing the worthiness of your cause. Bodei recognises her as was the lillend that poisoned Merlyn. She smiles at you and says your cause is worthy. You're given a silver knife, and asked to put your thumb-prints on the parchment.

Helena is very pleased to see you, anxious to hear about Merlyn's health, and apologies. She was kidnapped, and when you returned her to her world, she found it changed. She had been away for longer than she though she would be, her village was destroyed, and her husband and children no longer lived at her house. She then hooked up with the witches. You're showered with feasts and good shit, and each of you gets a charm necklace, which boosts your wilderness survival and heal by 2 points.

You are honoured as a member to the tribe, and preparations are made for the witch to go to war. You leave in 3 days. During that time Bodie finds another field to bless, gets very drunk with the nearby villagers, and tips some chickens. Three days later, you, and a procession of 30 spell-casting witches, set off. You are asked to at as the advance guard, and scout about half a day ahead of the main party. You're given a stock of messenger pigeons to keep ahead of the main party.

You set off to see the rebel army, and on the way you encounter 2 giant tainted dryads. After dispatching them, you find a large tainted grove. Finnula insists you send word back to the witches, and they ask you to wait for them to catch up. You will cleanse the grove together.

August 24th, 2017


The newcomers are a group of Lillends, assorted ages/genders, grubby, worn/torn clothes. Resistance fighters.


  • Kendra, a young female ex-thief, once snuck into Emmett’s castle - younger sister there

  • Fernando, middle aged male de-facto general

  • Kaiesha, Fernando’s wife, leader of the group – comforts Finnula when she's crying

  • Gaelen, older male ex-priest and spiritual leader, Kendra’s grandfather

  • Tiresta, medical advisor, female

  • Currently incarcerated is Falcroft, blacksmith, male, middle aged, has 2 sons in the castle

Kendra recognises Finnula from paintings/statues in Emmett’s castle (inc one she stole cos she's cheeky). Accept you have a child in the castle, don’t trust you as you’re from Birchwood. And you have come from the land of their hated ene my, the bondlissers (savage, icky, boring, violent, etc) The forrest is dying since Ememett got here. It's diffeent, it feels different. You don't recognise it, and they think you're a bit thick. They'll point out subtle changes, one less point on a leaf, less moss on a log. The air feels different. Their forrest is dying. Some places the trees have started to rot in the ground, or fall before their time. It's wrong.

You are taken to their encampment and given rest and food.

They are, however, planning an assault oin Emmett's castle. They've been planning this for a while, and have spies/alliances. There is just one group they wanted to have on their side, but they're refusing – the witches.

The witches live deep in the forest, a sect of all women, heavy magic users. They have historically been impartial to wars amongst the lillends. The Resistance waws hoping that they would pick their side in this war, given it's against ano outside force, but they haven't. BOO. They're very secretive, women typically run away to join them, but theyre not cruel, just really impartial. If you can convince the witches to join them, they will let you raid the castle and will help you retireve Bayet. If you can't, then the witches will take care of you.

Kiesha gives Finnula a bow, and a short kife.Fernando warns you to watch out for other Jinn, they might not all be as friendly as yours. He thinks Drax is a Jinn, a race brought in to help Emmett train the Lillends for the upcomming war. They hadn't been seen in this world before. They thought Emmett brought them through from Birchwood, but it is established that they came from a different world alltogether. Jinn are oddly-coloured two-legged creatures, fierce in battle, magic users.

They think it's Emmett's fault. He has to die, they have to kick the Jinn out, and you have to convince the witches to join them.

You're given a headding and march off. 1, 2 days pass uneventfully. You start to see some more signs of decay iin the forrest. Halfway through day 2 you see a ruined grove. Like you did in Claewich forrest back in Dunthorpe.

Night 2, 4th watch, spot check to see some moonlight shining off armour

2x jinn, 1 x dire panther, on a chain, being controlled by a Jinn with a whip. Gre sunders the chain, and the panther turns and mauls to death the jin with the whip. The other Jinn is also killed, and the panter padds off into the wilderness.

Youu make it the rest of the way through the forrest, fighting one non-corrupted dryad, who can also be turned from the fight with empathy. If you help her, rather than hurt her, roll a spot check DC25 to see a set of eyes in the bushes

you reach the witches on the fourth day. IF you've comforted the dryad, there is an optional bit where you recieve massages and food and shown to the best rooms high up in the trees. You also recieve a +2 bonus on all diplomacy rolls while you're here. If not, you are rounded up and shown to a big hall before the witches.

You want an alliance. They do not take sides. Will not take sides. It's not what they do. Go away.

Diplomacy checks need to be over 15 in order to convine them to consider joining you.

They eill join you, IF you pass the gauntlet. It's dangerous, but it's the only way to prove your valour. If your cause is worty, then you will pass. If it's not, you will fail. Do you accept? If you do, you are shown to your rooms, and given 24 solitary hours to prepare. If not, you must leave immediately.

August 10th, 2017

Righto. So they’ve appeased the bondlissers, and gained some cool loot. The Daniel will now tell you more about their neighbours in the forest, to discourage you from going there.

  • Their enemy is vain, and wears all their forms at once, but are weak

  • Their enemy is tricky and cheats, not honourable combat

  • Uncle came from another world, and tried to woo the bondlissers with magic, not impressed, Daniel beat him up, and he fled into the forest

  • Their enemy uses magic, which bondlissers don’t have, is cheating

  • Lately there have been creatures the bondlissers have never seen before come out of the forest and attack, or attack them if they venture too far into the scrublands (find troll or some such)

  • They have strange weapons the bondlissers don’t understand

  • There’s a tribe of bondlissers far to the *that way*, who live by a stream that comes out of the river, and the water is changed and foul

  • Bondlissers have stayed away from the forest since before Daniel’s elders were cubs, just don’t go there buddies Doooooon’t do it

Well obviously you go there.

They enter the scrublands, tip out the chest of silver water, and accidently make a silver bunny. Tabitha imprisons it in a sack with the intention of further befriending and monetary gains.

We then encounter 3 of these thingies.

Your asses are thoroughly kicked by the cute little chickenythings. Cue entrance a band of lillends who are all wearing heavy black collars with a red gem. They appear to be speaking common and ask why you're poaching their cute little chickenythings. You are going to have to be their prisoners. A fight ensues about whether or not they should co-operate. Co-operation is reluctant, but succeeds.

You are marched to a hastily erected wooden barracks in the forest, whereby they are imprisoned in 2 cells – boys & girls, can talk to each other. There is also a lillend in a far cell Bodie picks the locks, and they get out. The lillend can't speak to or understand them, but ushers them to a door at the far end of the room and motions to Bodie to unlock it.

While doing this, Drax reads his mind, and finds out that He is in the jail for killing a lillend who was stealing his cutechickenythings. Behind the door is his bow, and the group assumes that their gear is there too. This theorem is proved true once the door is unlocked.

Armed with their stuff, the group decides to make a break for it. Gre demolishes the door with his hammer of smashening (and the wall, and the roof, and bits of the floor). Up a flight of stairs, they find a guard, who Dom convinces that the jail is collapsing, and they refuse to stay in a structurally unsound jail. The guard tells them to go to safety, rushes downstairs, and is sealed in.

Gre smashes the next door off it's hinges, and it flies across the yard and knocks someone unconscious. The group and their new lillend friend flee, except for Drax, who goes to check on the unconscious guard. He is riddled with arrows, and rescued with help from Tabitha and Gre.

They make it into the forest outside the encampment, and running through the forest they hear a voice going "psst come this way come on". This is a female lillend. Everyone follows her through the woods, into a clearing, where she stops. Then they notice they are surrounded by lillends, all aiming weapons at them. Finnula starts full-out-crying.

July 31st, 2017

You jump into the beautiful glittering portal, and wake up alone (except for Drax, who is with Finnula) in a hole in the dry, sandy ground. Climb checks 15 to get out of it, otherwise some giant snakes will look down into the holes, and then rope ladders will come down. You emerge in a desert, dry rolling hills of sand in the distance, only other life is 5 humans and 4 giant snakes in front of you. There are camp chairs and a marquee. Humans hiss at you, but don't talk. A woman comes out of the marquee holding blue sashes, insists you wear them, then the camp is broken down and you are marched through the desert. Dom remains unconscious.

With a good diplomacy check, you learn the following about your captors -

Liisoon – male, 15/16, ginger hair, seems very excited to meet you, keeps trying to talk/point out things, will learn your name if you teach him, carrying a lot more than the others

Seepiith – female leader, short black hair, Liisoon describes as very strong/bossy

Biisuuth – biggest snake, described as fart noise

After about half a day's walking, the ground gets hard and packed and dry. Cracks seem to appear in the dirt, widening till it's tall islands of dirt/rock. After you pass the first bridge, you're ushered into a hide tent. Skins cover the floor, painted skins hang on the walls. On a stool, in a finely spun tunic and cloak, is an elderly man. "the stars have come to us. I am the Daniel! Did he send you?"

It is Tamaleth's daniel. It has been a long time since he was in your world, and he is sad to hear Tamaleth has died of old age. He seems to be the chief, and also wears a blue sash. The night before, 7 stars fell from the sky, 5 in the desert, 2 in the forest. They hoped the stars were a return of a cub, Piisiis, who ran away from home after being punished by her parents. Everyone is worried about her. At the mention of Princess or Uncle, a fight almost breaks out, Daniel transforms into a big black cat Gre could ride like a pony if he wanted, and hears you out, then insists you wait in another tent.

Late he and Liisoon will come to your tent. You have 2 choices, face Piisiis' mother in combat, or perform a service to the tribe. Finnula is welcome to wait here, and will be kept safe until your return. You are told to go into the desert and find a gift, to replace the gift of a child. You're given a heading, and some supplies. Daniel takes Bodie and Gre aside and tells them with a sigh "place yourself in the sand when you wish to stop the burning". Liisoon wiggles uncomfortably in the background.

You encounter this lizard and do mighty battle, almost vanquishing it till a bigger one comes out of the dunes and drags it back under the sand. However you are mightily injured. Screw you hippies.

Next camp is uneventful, but Drax gains a little green lizard.

the next day you enter scrubands, less cracks, more plants, more animals. Spot check 15 to see a nice little oasis off to one side, heavier scrub, no animals near it. There is a pool, and in the bottom of the pool is a chest. Anything dipped into the pool will become silver. Any person/part thereof will become silver, spreading until put into sand 1d8 damage every so often. Like Gre's feet, as he slowly wades into the water.

Chest is watertight, sealed with wax

  • an unfinished portrait of Finnula

  • a bronze sword with green and blue jewels

  • 800 gold coins, not from your world

  • a heavy gold circlet with red jewels

  • an illustrated taekwondo manual

  • a wooden spear with a diamond tip, decorated with feathers

Drax washes himself in the silver water, almost dying, and covered in mostly silver.

the manual (ooh new fighting) or the wooden spear (owned by the chief of their hated neighbours) will do as gifts. They are glad Piisiis died in a battle of her own choosing, young as she was, and they will see her in the beyond.

By the way, Finnula was meant to change colour, right? She's been bleached to white. None of you are affected. Finnula will burn the painting.

They have a party. No one wants to have sex with Liisoon and his silver wang.

July 23rd, 2017

willards creek -> house -> underground tunnel -> house (empty, dark, things thrown about, nursery room emptied) -> unopenable door. If they don't think of demolishing the walls with aforementioned giant hammer, have them spot something that takes them out of the house, up to the other houses, and in the house 3x houses down there is an alternate way in.

Long corridor, door at one end, big hallway with "have fun taking the long way" painted on the wall ahead -> 2x long ramps, loop around back under the first, into portrait gallery.

Shows Emmitt Fijhur's lineage from kings all the way down to him. Picture at the end looks familiar, is animated, must get him to say the name of his companion (one of the pictures on the other walls shows Lord Reginald Fijhur with his faithful hound Sergeant Stubby). The group do this by insulting the dog repeatedly. Cos they're dicks. IDK. Once he says it he de-animates and you can go through to the next room.

Table, riddle, shelves full of items

by four brothers an attack is dealt
the first rests on the warrior's belt
it strikes at the second one
by the third you rest when they are done
the fourth's task is to put you there
now tell me this or you beware
found in river, hand, in pair, and three
who do these four brothers be

answer is the deck of cards, put it on the table, go through.

Next room has a mirror dividing it, can't go through. Anyone who tries to break it, their mirror duplicate comes through the mirror and they have to attack it. After vanquishing, it reappears back as the reflection. They notice that a pair of boots is missing from their side of the room, but present in the reflection. Bodie goes back and grabs them, puts them in the right spot, and his reflections clothes fall off. Everyone is paralysed with laughter, as Bodie takes off his clothes, and moves through the mirror. It vanishes, and everyone can move again.

Next room, 3 beautifully dressed female clay golems, and a chessboard with 5 queen pieces next to it. "Sisters, daughters, mothers, wife, must live together and cause no strife, if you cause a woman threat, their gods shall answer and take the debt". Place all 5 on the board without threatening each other, and then try the door. If you're right, no one will awaken and try to kill you. They are right.

Next room, has A4 sized note on the wall ahead, reads

"The key exists in side your head

use the key to paint me red

but be aware of what you spurn

for what was taken shall be returned

You spend a while trying to figure this out, till Finnula starts carving her head open, and pouring the blood on the sign. Bodie and Gre help, and suddenly they are faced with a giant-sized Bodie, with a sebbicai head, which they must battle.

next room, a statue of Finnula, in dancing pose, facing the door you just came through. It is assumed that she must be "danced" around to face the right door, which Finnula attempts, but is poisoned by a barb emerging from the statues chest. They break it off, and the dance is completed.

Last room, some wicker baskets, a flask of oil, a large quantity of parchment, several mirrors, a woodcutting block, a woman's dress, some chairs, a sink, a milk churn, and a bag of fluffy brown yarn.

"To go forward, you must return. To glow brightly, the sky mu

Down another long, straight corridor, and through a door into a laboratory/study/mages workshop. You think you've been walking half a day at least by now. This room is large, and well lit with lanterns, and looks to have been mostly packed up. There are a lot of boxes labeled "books" and "notes" and "beakers" and such.

There's a waist-high table off to one side, with a glass case rising up to the height of a man. There are shiny black rocks covering the upper inside surface, and from them drips, very slowly, a single drop of blood down onto the parchment at the bottom of the case. The black rocks are obsidian. The parchment has a map of Birchwood, Ha'ith, and Frell. The blight-zones are stained with blood, slowly spreading from where the drop lands, on the capital. The table and the case itself are covered with many runes and wardings and lotsa creepy magic stuffs. The other experiments in this room have been dismantled.

Through the other doors, up up up the circular stairs you go, up much higher than you think you went down, but because you've been in the dark it's hard to tell. You end up on a landing, there's a bedroom to your right, and a kitchen to your left, and a big door straight ahead. You hear an arcane tongue, a strange tinkling noise, a from behind the door.

Gre tries to use the hammer of smashening on the door, and they all fall through the floor, down into the lab. They are all very hurt and Drax destroys the map with his butt.

You open the door, into a cave in the hills, overlooking all of Dunthorpe, through a wide mouth that Emmett has glassed over. It is beautiful. Emmett has opened a portal, and stands wearing a travelling cloak, and a backpack, and holding a walking staff in one hand and Bayet in the other. Henley stands behind him, similarly attired, with more luggage. Emmett dives through the portal, followed by Henley. Finnula screams, and shoves you out of the way and climbs in herself.

DO YOU FOLLOW? Yes they do.

July 11th, 2017

Finnula claims sanctuary in the church. The law is that no guards or private army can enter the church lands, unless they can prove they are chasing a criminal and have a warrant for their arrest, which would have to be drawn up by Finnula's cousin Hilde. Cad'fael sets them up in rooms, takes Finnula to pray. Tabitha heals the stab wound in Merlyn, but they can't heal the poison. Drax goes out to guard the Lillend, everyone goes to bed.

Merlyn can walk and move and such, but doesn't feel good. She insists on coming with you to Willard's Creek. Finnula also insists on coming with you.

The next day, you interview the Lillend. She can understand common, but not speak it, so after biting Bodie, she is given paper and charcoal. She requests sausages in exchange for information. You manage to find out the Emmett did indeed summon her here, she flew for 2 nights and 1 day, but it is faster than walking (she came from around Dunthorpe), and she did her task so she would get sent home. After some research in the church library, Cad'fael's scholars help you to send her back home.

That evening you leave the city, hidden in a church wagon filled with medicine destined for the outer provinces. You part ways outside the city, and proceed the rest of the way on foot. About halfway there, you encounter a red spider with the body the same size as a humans, balanced on impossibly long spindly legs, accompanied by a very very large fuzzy black spider. They attack you. After defeating the spiders, Gre goes into the bushes and finds his totem bear. It is so fucking cute.

Captain Miller is pleased to see you. He has Christobel under heavy guard in hospital, as he had recently been turned into mincemeat by some thugs in purple hats.

Christobel met with Gerrad and Henley in the capital when they joined the red rose players as stagehands. Maria and Harri were the other stagehands. Zibrat had left recently, and the help was needed. One night after a performance, Christobel heard Gerrad and Henley talking about a break in, and how the show was set up, and how were they going to get it out. Having deduced that they were thieving things at a private screening, he managed to join them. He had good skills with lockpicks. They snuck away during a monologue heavy scene, and went up to the second floor. They went into a woman's bedroom and incapacitated her, Gerrad tucked her up into bed, while Christobel busied himself taking some nice jewelry.

Henley took a baby. Christobel did not sign up for this, but escaped with them anyway. They next went and robbed an apothecary for supplies to keep the baby quiet. Gerrad and Christobel waited in an alley while Henley broke in. Gerrad, enraged that Christobel took jewlery, started a fight, which ended with Christobel getting hit with an animated sword and told to behave and he would get a share of the ransom. The jewelry was taken from him and left in the alley.

Christobel drove the hired coach to Dunthorpe, where they holed up in a shady inn in the slum part of town, The Fiddler's Whistle. When he woke up, the other men and baby had gone, and he was being beaten up by Hayley's men. He was eventually deposited at the local hospital, realised he was a patsy, and turned to the guards for protection in exchange for evidence.

It is agreed that Christobel will be kept in the Dunthorpe as an indentured servant to the city till he is rehabilitated. Tabitha's cult follows her around. Finnula is confused by this. Merlyn is left with Bodie's parents to be cared for.

On the way to Willard's Creek, the 2nd night-watch is ambushed by Minotaurs. Two of them carry greataxes, the third, wearing a red bandana, carries a greathammer. The battle is fierce, and much damage is taken. Gre's bear almost dies. One of the greataxes is broken. Drax is poisoned by the greathammer, which is later revealed to be a powerful greathammer of smashing. After defeating them, the body of the minotaur with the grey bandana is found to have a note "You each will die slowly and painfully for what you did"

July 5th, 2017

Merlyn is back at the inn, sick again at being so far from the green.

They will talk to Chana Wright, the halfgiant midwife. She will say that the birth was pretty routine, and Finnula and Bayet were well and fine once she left her. She usually tries to call in on her patients a few times afterwards, but whenever she called in, she was told that they were sleeping. If they manage to persuade her to divulge something she shouldn't, she was concerned about the relationship between Damien and Finnula. Damien didn't seem very interested in Finnula's health, just the baby, and Finnula seemed very wary of him. It made her uncomfortable, but nothing more than a vibe.

The Palace Library is visited, where they gain some information about Finnula's family, including that she has 2 living brothers, no living parents, and Hildrathsen is her maternal cousin, close in age.

A plan is made to break into house Coram and speak to Finnula. Surveillance is undertaken, and late in the evening, they see Damien leave the house and enter his mistresses carriage. While Gre stands by with a newly acquired racing-rickshaw, and Tabitha waits with brightly coloured chickens (in case of distraction), Dom, Doc, and Bodie sneak in through the scullery door. There is a guard on the door, the elderly nurse, but she is quickly dispatched with a drugged brandy (yes, once again, Lucy invents roofies). You enter and see Finnula at her writing desk. You can see bruises up her arms through her fur. She is beautiful, but looks like she's been crying constantly.

She doesn't remember much the night of the attack. She was sitting reading by the fire next to the cot where Bayet was sleeping. Her back was to the door, and she heard it open, and thought it was the nurse come to say goodnight. But she was clonked on the back of the head and woke up laid on the bed and covered with a blanket.

Bayet was gone. She called for the guards. Damien was very displeased. Since then she's just been in here, she's not allowed out, and Damien's old nurse doesn't speak to her when she delivers meals. She thinks everyone thinks it's her fault. She's heartbroken. She wishes there were clues, something she could do, but she doesn't know anything and Damien won't let her talk to anyone, except his old nurse who brings her food. She doesn't know how you got in, but asks if you will get her out. A bag is packed, mostly with writing and books, and she throws Granny's knitting on the fire on the way out. Mentioning Emmett to her results in great confusion, somewhat akin to being told that that weirdo from high school has become a supervillain.

Dom escorts Finnula out, while Doc and Bodie look around the rest of the house. Dom, Finnula, and Tabitha high-tail it to the church for sanctuary via Gre-drawn rickshaw. Of course that means that once they get back to the fence, there is no rope or people standing by. Awesome abandonment, guys.

When you get back to the inn, it is in chaos. It's empty, bar-room shows signs of a fight, tables overturned, some blood, no bodies, broken things. Upstairs, Merlyn lies in a pool of blood. Over her hovers a winged woman, with the lower half of a serpent, holding a note and some safety pin

Battle ensues between Doc, Bodie, and the Lillend, with eventual success by our lads.

A heal check will reveal Merlyn to be both stabbed and poisoned. The stabbing is easy to fix, but the poison is not. A search of the Lillend will reveal an empty bottle of poison, and some rations, but naught else. The note reads "you each will die slowly and painfully for what you did". You do not recognise the writing.

Guards arrive at the inn, to deal with the commotion. One of them hands Doc a note, from Hilde, requested that it be delivered urgently. It's from Captain Miller in Dunthorpe, saying that his men have seen lights moving in the house in Willard's Creek, and he has in custody someone claiming to be involved in the kidnapping. He requests that you come back ASAP.

Doc and Bodie, carrying Merlyn, the unconscious Lillend, and their luggage, with the help of guards, make their way to the church.

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